It's of utmost importance to us that our sandwiches are tasty and fresh. The only way to achieve this is to make them localy and on demand. This means that we prepare sandwiches in each location, all day long.
We only choose natural and local products and our cooks put a lot of passion and presicion in every sandwich. And we can assure you we only sell what is made today. 

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Cuban sandwich with roasted pork

220gr. - 5,50BGN

Egg salad sadwich

190gr - 3,90BGN

Herb butter, ham and cheddar sandwich

180gr - 4,50BGN

Chicken BLT sandwich

200gr. - 4,90BGN

Cheddar cheese, egg and olive paste ciabatta

230gr / 4,50BGN

Italian with salami, mozzarella and pesto

210gr. - 5,50BGN.

Avocado, hummus and sun-dried tomatoes ciabatta

210gr. - 5,50BGN.

Asian Banh-Mi sandwich with turkey fillet

240gr.. - 5,50BGN. 

Hummus and grilled vegetables ciabatta

250gr. - 4,50BGN.

Tuna, olive paste and rocket leaves ciabatta

210 gr. - 4,50 BGN.

Chicken fillet, tomato and pesto ciabatta

240gr. / 5,20BGN.

Pork fillet, gauda cheese and olive paste ciabatta

230gr. / 4,50BGN.