Facts about our food

Each of our salads has its own dressing created especially for it. We make our dressings with olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, spices and other ingredients which emphasize and complement their taste.

The taste of the fresh spices is completely different than the one of the dry ones. Most of our spices are fresh, delivered on the same day, so we just wash them and add them to the food we offer you.

Not all fats are bad for your health. To prepare our desserts we do not use margarine or hydrogenated palm oil. Instead, we use the good old butter.

Little by little people start avoiding mass consumption and low-quality fast food, and become more careful with their choice of food. We think that freshly cooked meals prepared with good and honest ingredients will win the battle. At Green Deli Café, not only do we carefully select the ingredients in our food, but we also make sure that everything is as fresh as possible.

Every weekday in our restaurants you can find several types of freshly baked bread which combine perfectly with our soups and salads. Our bakers knead and bake them early in the morning so that you can get them as fresh as possible. We have several types, including whole grain, rye and einkorn bread.

Our soups do not content ‘flavor enhancers’ such as the monosodium glutamate (E621). The taste and the aroma of each of our soups are 100% natural and come from the products and the time we invest in them. Our soups are not ‘fast soups’. The preparation of each soup takes about 3 hours. We cook them as we would cook them for ourselves: honestly, patiently and with desire to give pleasure.
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