Not all fats are bad for your health. To prepare our desserts we do not use margarine or hydrogenated palm oil. Instead, we use the good old butter.


70g. – 3,70 BGN

Gluten free walnut cookie

50g. – 2,20 BGN

Chocolate cookie

50g. – 2,20 BGN

Cranberry, white chocolate and pistachio cookie

50g. – 2,50 BGN

Sun-dried tomatoes, olives and cheese muffin

120g. – 4,20 BGN

Chocolate muffin

100g. – 3.90 BGN

Orange cake

100g. – 3.20 BGN

Banana bread

100g. –  3.70 BGN

Carrot cake

100g. – 3.70 BGN

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