Not all fats are bad for your health. To prepare our desserts we do not use margarine or hydrogenated palm oil. Instead, we use the good old butter.

Pimpkin caramel muffin

1pc. – 4,20 BGN

Gluten free walnut cookie

50g. – 2,70 BGN

Chocolate cookie

50g. – 2,30 BGN

Cranberry, white chocolate and pistachio cookie

50g. – 2,70 BGN

Sun-dried tomatoes, olives and cheese muffin

120g. – 4,50 BGN

Chocolate muffin

100g. – 4.20 BGN

Cranberry lemon cake

1pc. – 4.20 BGN

Banana bread

1pc. –  3.90 BGN

Carrot cake

100g. – 5.90 BGN

Glutenfree apple cake

1pc – 4.20 BGN

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