The taste of the fresh spices is completely different than the one of the dry ones. Most of our spices are fresh, delivered on the same day, so we just wash them and add them to the food we offer you.

Cuban sandwich with roasted pork

220g. – 7,20 BGN

Avocado, hummus and sun-dried tomatoes ciabatta

210g. – 6,90 BGN

Italian with salami, mozzarella and pesto

210g. – 7,20 BGN

    Asian banh-mi sandwich with turkey fillet

    240g. – 7,20 BGN

    Pork fillet, gauda cheese and olive paste ciabatta

    230g. – 6,50 BGN

    Hummus and grilled vegetables ciabatta

    250g. – 6,50 BGN

    Chicken fillet, tomato and pesto ciabatta

    240g. – 7,20 BGN

    Tuna, olive paste and rocket leaves ciabatta

    210g. – 6,50 BGN

    Cheddar cheese, egg and olive paste ciabatta

    230g. – 6,50 BGN

    Vegan falafel & vegetables tortilla wrap

    310g. – 6,50 BGN

    Smoked salmon, tomatoes and cream cheese

    170g. – 6,50 BGN

    Chicken BLT sandwich

    200g. – 6,50 BGN

    Herb butter, ham and cheddar sandwich

    180g. – 5,90 BGN

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