The taste of the fresh spices is completely different than the one of the dry ones. Most of our spices are fresh, delivered on the same day, so we just wash them and add them to the food we offer you.

Ceaser salad

280g. – 8,30 BGN

    Asian rice noodle salad with edamame and egg

    250g. – 7,30 BGN

      French goat cheese and roasted vegetables salad

      320g. – 8,30 BGN

      Nicoise salad

      360g. – 8,30 BGN

        Mixed salads, beet crackers, dried tomatoes and sprouts

        180g. – 6,90 BGN

        Mediterranean chickpea salad

        300g. – 8,30 BGN

        Tuscan pasta salad with chicken and vegetables

        330g. – 7,90 BGN

        Asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes & cheddar pasta salad

        310g. – 7,90 BGN

        Quinoa, avocado & chicken salad

        240g. – 8,30 BGN

        Edamame, millet and pumpkin salad

        320g. – 7,30 BGN

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